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Second opinion security

During a second opinion, Verbaten Security Consultancy drafts an additional advice when you have doubts about a security advice by a third party or within your own organization. Security is an increasingly important part of company policy and the complexity of security issues rises with it. At Verbaten Security Consultancy a second opinion is always conducted by an expert with decades of experience at both domestic and international large and mid-sized companies.

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The complexity of second opinion security

Drafting proper security advice is comprehensive. Especially because certain details are included that might not spring to mind at first. Take a camera system for example. Logically, this needs to be installed at a place with the best view. Dead angles are avoided and cameras are installed at critical points, such as cargo traffic. But what of the wiring? Is there a central unit from where all cameras can be monitored? How about the cameras in the trucks themselves or at the loading docks? You may have noticed that implementing security measures is very complicated.

The additional value of an expert

Implementing an incomplete security advice leads to faults being noticed too late or not at all. This leaves you vulnerable to theft and loss of income. Resolving these issues in hindsight is often expensive. Our security expert at Verbaten Security Consultancy has the skills and experience to draft and implement a proper security advice. This way our consultant will pay for himself in the long run. Do you have doubt about your current security advice? Request a second opinion today by calling at 0031-6-13312308.

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