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Security tendering procedures

Writing a security tendering procedure is in capable hands at Verbaten Security Consultancy. A tender consists of several subjects that form a security concept. This concept is regarded as the theoretical blueprint for a practical tender and any consequential processes. The result is a tangible and feasible security plan that can be handed to a potential client.

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Which topics are covered in security tendering procedures?

A tender starts by establishing the steps necessary to guarantee a high level of security within your organization. These steps include:


  1. Organizational measures
  2. Engineering standards
  3. Electronic security


The first part of each tender is usually a theoretical description, followed up by a practical and a technical topic describing the conditions that your installation needs to meet. Securing an installation against burglary for instance, covers the following topics:


  1. Which parts the system must consist of. Parts such as access codes, camera’s, a central service for monitoring and back-up units for power and data.
  2. Which brand suits the tender best
  3. Necessary infrastructure such as proper cabling for camera’s and alarms
  4. Framework conditions like escape routes and monitoring these routes


With a security plan by Verbaten Security Consultancy, the foundation is laid for a complete tender which is immediately applicable to specific security processes.

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