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SPS guidelines

The SPS guidelines indicate the minimal security demands for cargo transports by ship. The guidelines focus on the detection of security threats and distributing responsibilities among governments, harbours and the shipping industry on a domestic and international level. Part of that is sharing relevant information which is used to draft procedures that activate when the security level changes.

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How the ISPS guidelines protect your company

Security risks like theft and terrorism prevent ships form transporting cargo efficiently. But how do the ISPS guidelines reduce the risk? Ships mostly travel international waters and that requires cooperation between shipping companies, governments and harbours.

Strength through cooperation

Cooperation between so many international entities requires a unified approach to prevent attacks and theft. For instance, the government is tasked with making an inventory of the risks so ship owners and harbour facilities can respond adequately to potential threats. And this is what ISPS is all about, a standardized security concept that can be applied anywhere in the world.

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