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TAPA guidelines

The TAPA guidelines play an ever increasingly important role in operational (international) management. Does your company comply with the latest standards? Verbaten Security Consultancy evaluates the current situation and helps you standardize your security installations. TAPA guidelines are subdivided into the TSR (Trucking Security Requirements), and FSR (Freight Security Requirements).

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TAPA TSR guidelines for ‘high value’ transports

The TSR guidelines, as established by TAPA, protect your cargo and drivers against criminal activities. Especially companies involved in transporting valuable goods are vulnerable to theft and robbery. Verbaten Security Consultancy helps you create an acceptable security standard that greatly reduces the risk of calamities.

Comply to the TAPA FSR guidelines and protect your cargo

Where the TSR guidelines’ main focus is directed at protecting your trucks itself, the FSR focusses on protecting the cargo inside them. FSR guidelines goes further than simply protecting each truck. It targets the security of your cargo throughout the entire supply chain. Especially on the most critical points such as storage.

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TAPA certification ensures your business partners that they can trust on the fact that your security is at its best. This is the reason that TAPA certification is now an obligation for the logistic partners of  more and more companies. During a free personal consultation, our security expert will gladly elaborate on the TAPA, TSR and FSR guidelines and other security related matters. Call for an appointment at 0031-6-13312308.

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